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Nobel Grid is a collaborative H2020 project counting on 21 European partners, led by the multinational company ETRA.

Through the use of telecommunication networks alongside the electric grid, by facilitating the integration of distributed renewable electricity generation, and demand response systems, NOBEL GRID will offer advanced services, not only for Distribution Service Operators (DSO’s) but to all actors in the distribution grid and retail electricity market in order to ensure that EU citizens will benefit from better prices, more secure and stable grids and renewable electricity supply.

NOBEL GRID will develop, deploy and evaluate advanced tools and ICT services for Distribution System Operators and electric cooperatives, enabling active consumers’ involvement –i.e. demand response schemas – and flexibility of the market – i.e. new business models for aggregators and ESCOs and integration of distributed renewable energy production.

Nobel Grid technologies will enable electric prosumer cooperatives to flourish and provide cheaper and cleaner electricity through the creation of virtual power plants, while at the same time becoming new actors in ensuring a more stable grid and lowering overall operational costs.

The ultimate aim of Nobel Grid is to deliver a “Green Grid”; one that is democratic by facilitating and promoting distributed generation through prosumer participation in the electric grid, reducing costs for all actors by introducing efficiencies, and ensures the highest throughput of renewable energy in the electric grid.

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